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Woody Hayday

Science Fiction Author

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Woody Hayday is the author of *Title tbc*, a new science fiction novel due for publication in Early 2016.

A code-master entrepreneur with a love for technology, Woody writes tales of a bold future stemming from a real today.

Woody's debut novel, *Title tbc* is the first in a series of three novels which throw the reader into the year 2050 and beyond: The Earth is environmentally scarred, a technological fix is now in place, but will it work? Can this space gadget save us?

My Books

*Title tbc* is the first in my series of science fiction novels, set in 2050. The series is centered around human developments designed to solve the ongoing energy problems on Earth. The debut novel is an action packed introduction to a wide spanning exploration of what man might make of space in the coming decades.

*Title tbc*
*Title tbc*
To Be Released:
Sep 2016
*Title tbc* 2
*Title tbc* II
(Working Title)
To Be Released:
May 2017
*Title tbc* 3
*Title tbc* III
(Working Title)
To Be Released:
Dec 2017

All works will be published digitally by Alchemist Books, in eBook and paperback format.

About Woody Hayday

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Woody Hayday grew up writing code and building computers. Born in St.Albans, 20 miles north of London, UK, Woody has always obsessed with technology and futurism.

When he's not reading or writing about the future, you'll find Woody inventing and coding at his company StormGate.

Woody attributes his side-winder style to much travel and reading, to ingesting ideas from a multitude of fields and refining them into a latticework of world models.

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