Woody Hayday

Woody Hayday

Author, developer, entrepreneur

I am a programmer-entrepreneur who writes science fiction.

I’ve launched businesses, and failed, quit, and got back up. I've survived writing my first novel, and in the process of being alone, in deep focus, for almost a decade, I've learned a lot about our modern neuroses.

I've built many things. I've let go of almost all of them.

Through book and blog I attempt to reconcile these experiences - to hack together answers found in the likes of Stoicism, Buddhism, Alchemy, and Permaculture to produce a happy and good life.

I'm a permanent work-in-progress.

Join me as I explore the future through stories and software, seeking out productive mental models as I go, colouring in around the skeleton of my own genetics and tendency. Let us chase the ideal of the Universal man, and see where it takes us...

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Canopy Harvest - Sci-fi Novel
Science fiction Novel
Plant trees by reading books.
Publishing novels in pursuit of truth
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